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Join Emma Stark as she gives an in-depth four-part study on angels.

· 15th January 2020

Join Emma Stark as she gives an in-depth four-part study on angels.

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  1. I loved this teaching. It clarified so much for me that I wasn’t sure off. it has given me a thirst for more and to go deeper with the Holy Spirit and to be open to angels. I used to think this just happens to others but I’m no longer believing that lie!! Thank you, Emma.

  2. Excellent teaching on Angels giving biblical truth And clear understanding to the different Angelic roles and responsibilities. Awakening Us as a body & bride how to partner with Gods Angels and the importance of it in our everyday.


  3. I have really enjoyed watching and listening to this teaching, So good and will have to revisit and listen again to these powerful teachings. I cant wait to encounter the Angelic realm. God you did it with others do it again. Thank you, Emma and team. Blessings.

  4. I am trying to open up the teaching and it is just taking me back to the title of the angel course, then to the 4 parts, but nothing will open up to listen. Can you help me know how to open it to listen?

  5. Many thanks for this serie ! Excellent to focus more on the heavenly beings than the fallen one.
    I’m looking forward for more series like this one.
    It will be helpful when I chat with people in daily activities.

  6. So good, thank you! i am excited to listen again and look at the scriptures. God open my eyes of understanding, deeper revelation into your angelic presence, and help me to know how to partner with them.
    I would have like if you could explain a bit more on how to partner with them in different scenarios and to activate us to see in the spirit realm more, how do we step in to that realm more.
    i look forward to more trainings and teachings that teach us how to do this. if you can recommend any i am very interested. Blessings beyond measure to you and your amazing staff.

  7. Thank you so much for this teaching. I woke up on my birthday this year hearing God say that I will see Angels this year. With all this information that brought so much reveleation to my mind and my spirit….I cant wait to operate in that whichbI habe learned. Thank you so much Emma. Love from South Africa.

  8. Thank you Emma for your extensive teaching on angels. I knew about the archangels Gabriel, Michael and warrior angels but not with understanding. I am on the intercessory team in my church. So now I can pray effectively for my church, nation and neighborhood. God bless you.

  9. Loved it! Soo informative! I had a visitation from an angel with an eagles’ head, but had not heard of anyone else so far who’d had the same thing. I was very excited when Emma mentioned she had a visitation from one herself! Very encouraging!

  10. Thank you.. this brought me encouragement, confidence, and clarity while silencing the fear and accusing voices of the enemy – I was led to this while experiencing a high level of angel and creature encounters in a time of God’s healing and destiny catapulting.

  11. Hi Emma!
    I am curious about your experiences with angels ” of light. ” (Acts 12:7, 2 Corinthians 11:14)
    I see a LOT of “flashes”(Hebrews 1:7). The human explanation for these experiences is that I live in the desert of California. The sun BLAZES for many months. Any thoughts on how to tell the difference?
    (I am very sensitive to light. )

  12. I bought the Prophetic Warrior set that you offered on the Sid Roth show. Emma you are an amazing story teller, I love listening to you. But I was listening to the cd set that came with it and that is what lead me to take this course. Thank you so much for all you have been teaching. You and all your team are such blessings! And thank you for the new knowledge about angels. I’m looking forward to my encounters with angels. 🙂 God bless!

  13. Great course!!! I really learn so much from your teaching, Emma!! (I watch lots of your YouTube videos & purchased your products from Sid Roth’s site.) I have a couple questions, though. Will you/your team please clarify?

    1) Do non-believers, or those yet to become a believer, have angels ministering on their behalf also? Do they have the/an angel from their childhood who has followed them throughout life trying to nudge them toward Jesus and/or waiting on them to come to know Him??

    2) Are angels workers more on the external of us, while the Holy Spirit does the work on the inside of us? I understand they are not to be worshiped or glorified, but do they work in tandem with the Spirit that the line between the work of The Spirit & angels is extremely fine?? I’ve always just thought it was Holy Spirit at work/doing the work–the angelic is new for me (since March 2020).

    3) Do angels join in intercession with Jesus on our behalf too?? So, we have more than 1 Who/who is testifying for us in the Courts of Heaven???

    My mind starts getting blown, which then causes confusion & legalism.
    Thank you!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Cathe, thank you for your review, as your questions show, the subject of angels is a massive one, Emma is planning on doing a more in-depth / detailed series once we are able to all meet up as a team.

    2. Cathe, yes, we all have angels, no matter if we are saved or not. What happens to the angel when the person doesn’t become saved? No idea. Maybe just waiting in the wings? [no pun intended] God has told me to pray for children the world over, that prayer activates angels.
      I have the same question on Holy Spirit and angels.

  14. very, very, enlightening. I was hoping for a prayer at the end, enabling me to see angels. I’ve asked God, I’ve tried, I’ve taken other courses. SO MANY people see angels. I’d like to be one. It’s a common occurence with so many people.

    1. Hi Khudeja, if you click on session 3 and then on the left-hand side of the page, you will be able to click on session 4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will look at fixing this as soon as possible.