Days of Power 2020 Conference

Six sessions of worship, prophecy and teaching, live from Europe's largest annual prophetic gathering - passionate worship, prophecy and powerful teaching from Emma Stark, Larry Sparks, Simon Braker & guest worship leader Gabriel Allred.

· 6th February 2020

YOU can be a part of Europe’s largest annual prophetic gathering – with prophecy and powerful teaching from Emma Stark, Larry Sparks and Simon Braker. Worship is led by Gabriel Allred.

Join with 500 passionate and hungry worshippers live at Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s eighth annual ‘start the year right’ conference from the city’s prestigious Royal Concert Hall.

The event will be streamed live and then every second will be available afterwards on-demand for you to replay at any time, on any device (computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone). So join us from wherever you have a good internet connection and be part of DAYS OF POWER!

LIVE BROADCAST BEGINS 7:30PM UK TIME (2.30pm New York, Toronto; 8.30pm Paris, Berlin; 12.30pm Colorado; 7.30am-SATURDAY Wellington)

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Course Includes

  • 6 Workshops


    1. You have the correct conference Naomi. I see what you mean about the “6th February 2020” text (which is the date we set-up this conference course). We’ll get this fixed for future events.

  1. I signed up yesterday. However. I cannot access the livestream or view the archivedworkshop.
    I was under the impression that you could watch the comference by live stream.

  2. A few of you have added comments asking how to move through the sessions. You can use the < > arrow keys above the session title to move back and forth, or the left hand menu. If you are on a mobile phone, you need to click the pink arrows to expand the menu.

    1. It does (all funds go towards the costs of producing the videos), but you are entitled to a discount. There were details and a discount code printed on the inside front cover page of your conference programme. If you have lost this information please email [email protected] and our team will help you.

  3. Hi guys, just wanted to encourage you will at GPC. A couple of years ago I had a real hunger to go deeper in the Spirit and work out more of my prophetic gifting by pressing into Jesus and learning more. I found you guys through Lion Bites and listened to some podcasts by Emma. I really began to trust you guys and love the way you are rooted in God’s word. This was literally life-changing and has fuelled my hunger. You guys and people you call friends who are trusted people you work with and mention have seriously helped me springboard into more of the Spirit and I’m so hungry. Whenever Emma and Sarah-Jane have been in the North West of England I’ve made sure I’m there!!
    Have loved accessing this learning. Thank you. Wish I could have made the conference but I’ve had some really special times with Jesus sat alone listening and crying out to Him through this amazing time. So thank you David and Emma and all who have been part of this conference and the amazing GPC team. God bless you and your ministry mightily – this nation needs you guys and I’m joining in with all God is doing in the UK, hungry to see Him glorified.