Y1 (2019) Emerging Prophets

We believe that God is raising up a company of Emerging Prophets across the earth who will speak into nations and proclaim the voice of God with boldness, excellence and faith. These Emerging Prophets will be raised up and mentored by Emma Stark and other seasoned prophets from Glasgow Prophetic Centre. They will embark on one of the most exciting and significant journeys of their lives, as they receive teaching, activation, relational networking and mentoring over a 12-month period.
· 4th February 2019

Below we post regular content and resources such as videos, teaching posts and top tips to help you grow as an Emerging Prophet. Content is added in the form of ‘Workshops‘ and you’ll find these workshops below. We’ll update you via email and Facebook whenever there’s new content and you can work your way through each workshop and assignment as we add them.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Workshops
  • 14 Assignments
  • 1 Activation