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Beyond Year 2 – Update from Emma & Sam

22nd January 2021




We bless and commission you as Year Two comes to an end!

The last two and a half years of training, equipping and activation have been for us here at the Global Prophetic Alliance, the single most significant journey we have ever embarked on. Watching you grow wings and fly, hearing the sharp word of the Lord come forth from you in ever-increasing authority and accuracy, facilitating life-long relationships of belonging and sharpening, getting to know you personally and becoming part of your story – each of these things and more bring such warmth to our hearts as we think over the last years.

Though in our hearts, we really wished that we could have met for one final time, due to the ever-changing and unpredictable state of UK restrictions, this will not be possible. However, we do acknowledge that this will be sad for some of you. As we prayerfully considered the second-year of Emerging Prophets and where to take it, we felt that continuing the course in a loose, rolling way without clear cut direction would not have been a kindness to you. Instead, we are excited to extend some new opportunities to you that ending Year Two now allows us to offer. And they are really exciting!

Emerging Prophets Alumni

As a graduate of Emerging Prophets, you will continue to be part of the family as our alumni. This offers several opportunities to you;

  1. You get to join the Global Prophetic Alliance where you are part of the family and come under our shared anointing. We fight for you, love on you and cheer you on!
  2. You get to be a part of a Prophetic Nest where you’ll continue to receive prophetic sharpening and community. If you’d like to join one, please reply and I can connect you.
  3. If you feel led by God to launch your own Prophetic Nest, then we would love to start a conversation with you. Please respond to this email if this is something you would appreciate.

Prophetic Nest Leadership

For those who are leading Prophetic Nests, we are excited to offer an update to our training and mentoring programme with you all.

  1. Mentoring – All leaders will now be gathered into a Leaders Prophetic Nest, led by Sam, who will meet every second month for activation, prophecy and sharpening – this is not time for Sam to train you (though this may happen occasionally), rather a key time for input and practice and for you to see how a nest should be run.
  2. Support – twice annually we will provide you with a questionnaire that helps us understand how we can best support you going forward. Each questionnaire may be followed by a conversation with Sam to help get the best out of your Prophetic Nest.

New for 2021

Lion Roars
A Training Programme for National Specialists.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW alumni-only training programme for those who have completed both years of our Emerging Prophets programme – “LION ROARS”.

This training programme is for those who are called to steward national prophetic words. Any Emerging Prophet who has completed Year Two, is a member of the Global Prophetic Alliance and has an identifiable and measurable call to a national role is offered access to this training and mentoring programme. This is so exciting!

The course will follow three main components:

  1. Training – quarterly zoom training in National prophecy and deeper insight into the role and responsibility of a national prophet. One of the training gatherings will happen in person in a retreat format, this will be charged separately and we are aiming to have this in the Spring/Summer of next year – but please give us grace as we navigate this with ever changing restrictions.
  2. Producing National Words – Bi-annual one on one mentoring in the production of national words with panel (Emma and Sam) with 10 minutes of prophecy and then 5 minutes of critique.
  3. Platform – publication of words on online under the Lion roars part of GPA and email database. Our version of Elijah List, kind of!.

This new course will carry a small fee of £100.00 for the full year which breaks down into £8.00 per month.

As part of the Lion Roars training programme for national specialists, we are looking for those who can steward not just national prophetic words but the weight and lifestyle of a national prophet. Whilst many prophets steward, from time-to-time, national words, many have got a more consistent local responsibility. We are looking to raise up those who’s consistent responsibility is the stewarding of national prophetic revelation.

This is a sharpening place for lifestyle and words therefore, we will have a brief application process to help find those who will sit well in this programme. If you feel this is you, our you’re not quite sure, then we invite you to apply for this course by clicking the link below.

Apply for Lion Roars