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Can a nation be born in a day (Northern Ireland/Ireland word)

26th May 2019

These are the days of God transformation and transposing nations. What is happening in your nation right
now is shaping it for generations. It is time to seek the Lord and ask Him for prophetic decrees and
declarations to speak out over your people, land and government.

We are believing that God will bring radical and remarkable birthing of the United Kingdom and British
Isles in these days. Please agree with us for Godly sovereignty, rule and righteous reformation to come
forth here as we push through the Brexit process of leaving the EU.

This is a Godly disconnection from European governance to re-establish sovereignty in Government in
our lands. Please agree with us here in Glasgow for only Godly, righteous alignments, agreements,
covenants and coalitions as our House of Commons debate and vote on a way forward.

Please see Emma’s powerful prophetic word in relation to this and agree with prophetically decreeing
God’s word to be fulfilled.

I have been posting on my Facebook page some prayers and prophetic words this week in relation to this
and you can see these by following this link and liking my page.

Please share with us any prophetic words you are receiving from the Lord for the UK and let us know
what’s happening in your country so we can agree in prayer with you.