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Making room for the 'New' in Intercession

26th May 2019

What does prayer sound like in this ‘New Means New’ season?

Hello Purple ones!

I am excited to be launching our exclusive teaching syllabus this week with you. Our aim is to have a new teach each month for you and your teams to work through. For those who might be catching up and newly joined to the network please keep the pace that works for you and your team. You have
permission to share the teaching with your group ONLY as it is a member’s only group. If you have people interested in being part of this group please direct them to our website where they will find the application form.

This is an interactive community and so I want to hear back from you on what God is showing you and how you are growing as we go on this journey of entering into the ‘New is New’ season in Prayer. What are you praying and what are you seeing God do on the back of your prayers? Please
do share!

We have been on a number of prayer strikes in the British Isles this year and God is moving remarkably on the back of them.

One recent one for testimony was in the area of Sex Trafficking in our city of Glasgow. We have a prayer watch particularly for this and God had the team in the prayer room for weeks – illuminating everything hidden in darkness. The Lord then gave us a word of knowledge from another prayer
team member about a location in our city that God was highlighting needed attention. After research and more prayer we realised this happened to be the same area the sex trafficking team were praying into! God revealed the exact ‘hinge point’ (the spiritual connection point) for all the demonic spirits that had been at work foundationally in this particular area and we were able to repent on the ground and deal with all of the roots of death, displacement and sexual perversion that had made room for sex trafficking to thrive there.

We found a sculpture called the Devil’s Tree in line with this hinge point of spiritual power – and other unpleasant spiritual markers. But God gave us the keys to deal with them and cleared the ground. We now have teams going out once a month walking the streets to decree and plant light
and life prayers and scriptures in the area we prayed in, to sow more good seed where there was none. It is so important we pray in the blessing after we have dealt with the demonic. We are believing as we pray on for trafficking rings to be exposed and all that is hidden to be seen! We are
expecting newspaper headlines and disruption to modern day slavery in our city.

Before you watch the following teaching from me please make sure if you haven’t watched Emma’s teaching on authority you make a priority for you and your team. This underpins everything we teach and it’s
essential you all get this as a group.

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Please pray for Rose, who heads up our House of Prayer, and I as we teach and minister in Denmark this weekend to equip the intercessors there.

May God give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand and know Him and His ways more!

With love and blessings


Sarah-Jane Biggart
Leader of The Purple Company/SPAN Scotland Leader