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Strategic Prayer re. Brexit

26th May 2019

These are the days we need to be on our knees in prayer for the UK as God births our nation into the new. Please join us in prayer at this crucial time.

We are in ‘pivotal days’ for Britain and we must grasp this opportunity to do our part as intercessors.

I have the privilege in being on prayer retreat this week in the way God ordained my diary. Please join me and many others praying this week for the nation.

Key dates :

All week as the House of Commons debates pre vote ( on December 11th) to accept the offer or not.

December 9th – a key day of national prayer as it is the 40th day of a prophetic word given by Prophet Chuck Pierce about the nation shaking of Complacency. Also a day of a possible debate on TV with the key political party leaders.

December 11th – Commons/ MPs vote for the deal – to accept or reject

Prophetically God is saying we need to disconnect from the European Union to reconnect in a Godly alignment and order. Whatever our political views we must be those who fix on Jesus and only pray what He is saying.

In the spirit the connection needs to be completely cut so that God then births the new. Let us agree together the ungodly ties will be completely cut so that God can reconnect the UK and Europe in the new way God has ordained.

Decree Godly order in our government and the increase of God’s peace and government in our nation at this time. That Heaven’s plan for the UK comes to earth.

Let us pray for this nation to move into the next days of her God ordained destiny.

May God grant you wisdom and revelation as you pray.

For the King!