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What Are You Praying? Pt.1: Authority & Mandate

26th May 2019

Dear Purple Company

God desires for us to be completely focused and fruitful in our prayer times. I don’t know about you but I want to ‘know that I know’ we have been effective and prayed through all God has asked of us each time we meet!

Therefore some planning work needs to go into a meeting before it even begins. Prayer leaders need to listen to God and know the area of focus before we gather so that we are using our time effectively. Members of the prayer team need to be encouraged to listen and hear from God before we meet and come prepared to share what God has put on their heart: a word of revelation, a scripture, a sense of prayer focus/alert.

We also need to understand what we pray into and how we pray into it together. That we find our prayer language – to do that we first need to understand our authority more fully married with our mandate – our area of God given influence and occupation.

God longs for us to have confidence and boldness in the way we pray and once we get these areas nailed we are more likely to move into this. So I encourage you to ask the Lord the questions I pose and wait on Him for the answers. This will help shape the way ahead for your prayer group and keep you focused and effective!

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I would really like us to be a community that grows together and shares experiences; so please do share, post questions and let’s get to know one another better.

Be blessed as you seek more of God together and may you have amazing adventures as you do!

Together for the King and His Kingdom!