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What are you praying? Pt.2: Language

25th June 2019

Dear Purple Company Family

You are amazing! Filled with the hope of Glory! Filled with light and life of Christ and His resurrection power! God has chosen you to lead the charge of praise and prayer on the earth to break the strongholds and loose the Kingdom of God. To be ones who apprehend the Kingdom with violence and pull it into the earth! (Matthew 11:12)

You are these!

I see God clothing you us in spiritual robes of purple – almost like capes. They mark you as ones who understand who you are in Christ – a royal army – and those who walk in the fullness of the authority God has given us. I also hear the Lord say this to you;

‘Daughters and sons you have been chosen to be those who raise a shout! Who cause the stronghold rocks of the enemy to crumble with my Word and release of my power. These are days you have dreamt of where strongholds come down with ease and manifested with fruit for my Kingdom. So press in and persevere. You are waging good warfare and you are shaking the dust off the church. Keep going and keep pressing into me. Keep moving forward and advancing for the time of advancement is now! And the days of victory are now! So step into victory and raise up your shout!’

These are the days family we were made for. These are the days God has called us to gather and pray in to release and reveal the victory of Christ’s Kingdom on the earth. So let’s press in together as one voice and one body, in agreement to see our enemy routed and the Kingdom of God come to earth. Occupy! Possess!

On this week’s anniversary of 75 years since D-Day when a beachhead was made in a defensive, strong enemy front-line on the Atlantic shores of France. We remember how key it is to break the enemy’s strongholds by determined alliance, to establish a breaking and occupation to advance. We are in these days. Together we breakthrough and possess territory. What I found interesting and noteworthy was that the British Army target beaches for D-Day operations were code named GOLD and SWORD! Prophetic victory names! Gold – symbolising glory and sword obviously the Word of God.


Be equipped this month with filmed teaching bringing part two of ‘What are we Praying?’ with a focus on prayer language and we use it effectively to pray with maximum effect.

Please share your feedback from the teaching and also if you haven’t already requested to join the private Purple Company Facebook Page – ((TPC FACEBOOK)) This is where we will do some live filming and Q and A times together as well as keep up on prayer assignments with each other. It will help us build community and get to know each other more. Even if you are not currently on Facebook it will be worthwhile connecting and jumping on for this group!

May God bless you with the spirit of wisdom and revelation as you seek Him – may you grow in rest and intimacy with the Lord Jesus whose eyes are of firey, burning love for you.

For the King!